Roquetes Turisme
Roquetes Turisme


We are a journey in time, when after the glaciations the Ports began to welcome the first men, this was already 10,000 years ago.

Do not think that you are the first humans to roll my mountains. During the Paleolithic period, when snow and ice almost always occupied my slopes, the first men, the first heroes, visited me and the glass cave became their best refuge.

It is not at all strange that this cave was the chosen place. The cave, which has a triangular shape, is large. It is located at 1,120 meters above sea level and goes into the rock about 43 meters.

The earliest rocky ancestors used to go to the cave to work the flint or the skin of animals; Were sheltered from the cold and with a large fire they warmed and had light. These men were hunters who, as the weather grew warmer, went on longer seasons.

The last excavations have allowed to discover small treasures of these strong and strong men, the first managed to resist the climate of these mountains like true heroes.


I’ll explain a story of bandits. Many of you will sound the name of Panxampla. Joan Pujol Fontanet is very famous and known in Roquetes, els Reguers, Beceite, Alfara de Carles and in all the mountains that I preside.

I still remember when Joan had terrified the people of the Ports, especially the mourners who worked in my mountains. Indeed, in Joan he had a good heart for the poor, he was only an enemy of the rich and those who persecuted him. That’s why he was also known as the Robin Hood de les Terres de l’Ebre.

Panxampla was sentenced to death for having wounded a civil guard, in one of the many raids that were made in the Ports. But it was not until he was accused of crime in a cave, which he most likely did not commit, that he decided to hide among my mountains. I gave him shelter, and alone, he managed to live three years between my slopes.

The last time he saw him in 1882, when he fled to France to exile as a Carlist soldier. He walked steadily along the path of Bandoleros and the passage of Berenguer, also known as the exiled road – which was very busy at the time.

In Joan she carried little luggage, corduroy pants, a white shirt, a vest, a purple beret, a sack and a blanket. He also wore his weapons, a dagger and a trabuc.

France did not have much luck. After having a son with Victorine, was stopped by two gendarmes and two civil guards to Carcassona. Finally, it was shot by soldiers next to the door of Sant Antoni to the city of Tarragona, 16 of June of 1883.